Was genau ist natives Olivenöl?

Was genau ist natives Olivenöl?

olivenoel kanister

Virgin olive oil - highest quality through cold pressing

Olive oil is and remains justifiably the most popular oil in the kitchen, but be careful: Only in bottles on which natively on the outside, and oil best quality is included.

Native means top quality

Olive oil is not just olive oil. Basically, the oils can be divided into two main groups: the high-quality, virgin olive oil, with which we refine our dishes, and the refined variants, which are usually obtained from less high-quality fruits by means of hot pressing. There are a total of 9 different categories or quality levels. Native oils are in the highest quality classes. In addition, virgin olive oil is divided into three further subgroups. Here are the top 3 olive oil grades in order of quality.
  1. Extra virgin olive oil
  2. native olive oil
  3. Ordinary virgin olive oil
So if you use extra virgin olive oil, you can be sure that you are getting deluxe quality.

The mechanical cold pressing

extra virgin olive oil Visiting Agro Millo: We were personally able to convince ourselves of the quality of the excellent Valter oil. For one liter of virgin olive oil you need around 5kg to 8kg of natural olives. As the name suggests, these are pressed cold and without any additional means. In the best case, this happens immediately after picking. The highest quality oil, the extra virgin olive oil, must not have any defects and must have a lower acid value of less than 0.8 percent. When virgin olive oil already 2 percent acid can be contained and easy mistakes are tolerated. When ordinary native Olivenö l also several errors may be present. Since it contains most of the healthy ingredients as well as vitamins and flavors, it is overall healthier and tastes more intense.

Our olive oils are of the highest quality

All types of oil that you can order from us in the olive oil online shop meet the very highest standards. The processed olives are picked by hand and cold-pressed the same day at 20-24 degrees. Since no machines are used during the harvest, the fruits are not damaged, which also guarantees the top quality of our olive oils. baiocco cold press olive oil This is where the cold pressing of Baiocco olives takes place. native olive oil The Baiocco machines are already ready for the olive harvest.
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