Der Olivenöl-Schwindel

Der Olivenöl-Schwindel

"Extra Vergine" is a catchy name for olive oil of the highest quality. With this name on the label, everything should be clear. You are guaranteed to be holding a high-quality olive oil in your hands and can go to the checkout with peace of mind. In truth, this term "Extra Vergine" is only meant to suggest one thing to us: it is a purely natural product without any additives.

Olive oil from the supermarket

In truth, high-quality olive oils are unfortunately in the minority. Supermarkets mix them with lower-quality olive oils. Why is that? As long as the free fatty acids are below 0.8%, the olive oil can be sold as extra virgin throughout the EU. High-quality olive oils have 0.08 to 0.25% free fatty acids and are therefore 70-90% below the threshold. Olive oils are repeatedly withdrawn from the market - including in Austria - because they no longer deserve the nickname "extra". As long as more extra virgin olive oil is sold than is harvested, it is easy to calculate how much is still being mixed.

Olive oil fraud How can you protect yourself against it?

Olive oil should never taste neutral. Olive oil should smell and taste intense and have many aromas. The complexity of excellent oils can best be compared to wine. Depending on the variety, growing area, weather and harvesting method, there are different levels of fruity, bitter and spicy aromas. The olive oil smells of freshly picked olives, fresh grass, herbs or green vegetables such as apples, bananas or tomatoes. There may also be aromas of almonds or citrus notes.

How to taste olive oil properly

Just dare to taste the olive oil pure and compare it. Pay particular attention to off-flavors such as overripe fruit such as bananas, rancid nuts or an intense olive paste. These also indicate if the olive oil has already gone rancid. And last but not least: According to Stiftung Warentest, the minimum price for a decent extra virgin olive oil is 24 EUR per liter.

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