Genussvolle Weihnachtsgeschenke

Genussvolle Weihnachtsgeschenke

What do you give a boyfriend, girlfriend or relative who already has everything – and a particularly exquisite taste? We have the answer for you.

The perfect Christmas present should give the recipient joy, surprise and, ideally, be something new for them. Regardless of whether the recipient is a passionate cook, considers himself a master at the grill, or prefers to simply enjoy - there is something for everyone here.

We have put together three special pleasure packages in which the most exquisite olive oils in the world are hidden.

Christmas gifts for connoisseurs

Olive oil pleasure package Chiavalon

One ​​of the world's best olive oils from the Chiavalon family comes from the Vodnjan region, Istria. The Chiavalon brothers recently developed   their latest innovation:  Romano and Atilio.
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Roman & Atilio the latest innovation from Chiavalon.

Once upon a time there were two grandfathers of the brothers Sandi and Tedi Chiavlon, named Atilio & Romano. One had a passion for meat & game , the other one for fish. You have to understand that Atilio literally worshipped meat. In order to enjoy both dishes perfectly, they loved to add a little olive oil to them. But you couldn't do it right. For one of them, the olive oil was too mild One was too strong for the other. They just couldn't agree on anything. So they started mixing their own olive oil: a mild one and an intense one. Both were happy and satisfied. The two grandchildren have now succeeded in recreating the mixtures and are now offering them exclusively: For meat lovers, the oil is called Atilio, and for fish lovers, Romano.

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Olive oil enjoyment package Brist Vodnjan

In addition to the Chiavalon Gourmet Package, we offer also the Pleasure Package, Brist Vodnjan“ to:< /p>

Sta. Margherita is made from the Buža variety pressed. The oil has already received several awards, including from Flos Olei for the authentic taste and the fineness of the oil. The Buža variety was named one of the best olive oil varieties in the world in the mild-fruity category in 2013.

In addition, there is Delicato, which is one of the light and delicate olive oils. It impresses with its lightness, a light to medium bitterness and a mild to medium spiciness in the finish. Delciato is therefore a well-balanced olive oil and is ideal for salads and steamed vegetables, as well as fish dishes.

Order the Brist Vodnjan gift package now until December 16th, 2019 and have it delivered before Christmas.


Istria olive oil enjoyment package

The Istria gourmet package combines oils from two special families from Istria: the Ipsa family from Ipsi, which is located in the mountainous north of Istria, and the Al Torcio family, which is located in Novigrad, directly by the sea.

The oils from the Ipsa factory are qualitatively based on the Italian style, which places particular emphasis on aromatic and spicy oils that should not be too bitter.

Ipša Selekcija was deliberately composed of the different varieties of the family: Istarska Bjelica, Frantoio, Leccino, Bugla and ČrnicaThe oil is balanced and therefore of medium intensity and spiciness.

Al Torcio LECCINO  is made from 100% the olive variety of the same name and belongs to the intensely fruity category. LECCINO was awarded 94 points in the Flos Olei 2018. It is also our personal insider tip.

Order the Istria gift package now until December 16, 2019 and have it delivered before Christmas.

So be quick and get the best Istrian olive oils for your holidays!

The MASINO Olive Oil Team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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