Istrien im November: Olivenöl-Messe - Teil 2

Istrien im November: Olivenöl-Messe - Teil 2

The annual olive oil fair in Vodnjan, which invites you to the presentation of young olive oils, is highly recommended. Vodnjan is located in the south of Istria and has already made a good name for itself as the country's olive oil stronghold. Numerous top producers come from there and invite you to taste their products. In addition to the top olive oils from Brist, Chiavalon, Belci-Meloto, Olea B. B. you can also taste other products such as truffles, honey, Malvasia wines as well as beer from local breweries. We were particularly impressed by another Istrian delicacy with a long tradition: the Baccala (stockfish) spread with olive oil of the Buza variety! The cooking school from Pula also invites you to try other dishes such as the famous Boškarin beef goulash.

Our recommendation from the 2018 olive oil fair in Vodnjan:

Meloto Zizolera from the Belci family. The Belci family was one of the first to produce and export high-quality olive oil. Meanwhile, awards such as those from Flos Olei demonstrate the high standard. Zizolera is a very rare variety that is native only to Istria. There are only a few, but very old trees. It is said that there were only a handful left before they were cultivated again in the last 10-20 years. Meloto is probably the only manufacturer that bottles this variety with a pronounced spiciness as a single variety. A rare product for real connoisseurs!

meloto olivenoel vodnjan

Olive Oil Fair 2018 in Vodnjan - This year's harvest

When the oil mills are running day and night, you know it's harvest time. In the otherwise very cozy Istria, a clear tension is noticeable. The lightness seems to have been lost. This time is hectic. People argue about the best times in the oil mill. The hectic pace is not unfounded. For an excellent olive oil, it is important that the oil is pressed on the same day as the harvest. For a typical family business in Istria, the harvest takes over 20 days. Depending on the location, you have to harvest earlier or take a little longer. The harvest is done by hand without harvesting machines. This is the only way to achieve the best possible quality and to sort out the bad and overripe fruit. At the end of October, the time has come: the green gold is in safe harbor and ready for bottling. This year the weather in the south was hot, but more humid than last year. This means that the olive oils have a lower bitterness and additional fruitiness.  A fruity recommendation is the variety Leccino from Al Torico or Ipsa. We have already marked those products with the 2018/19 harvest for you that are exclusively served with the new harvest, such as Ipsa or Meloto.

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