Istrien Tipp: Limski Kanal & Emil's Austernzucht

Istrien Tipp: Limski Kanal & Emil's Austernzucht

austern-istrien When you think of Istria, you usually think of sea fish or grilled calamari. Only very few people know: In Istria there are oysters that come directly from the farm.

Istria tip: Oysters from Istria

If you drive south from Porec, the Limski Canal separates the coastal region from Rovinj. If you take the Limski Canal motorway exit, you will reach a country road in the middle of the nature reserve. A road leads directly to the canal in the Lim Bay of the same name (Limski zaljev). The sea arm is around 10 km long and was formed millions of years ago by the river Pazinčica.

Emil's oyster farming in Istria - Istria tip

For Emil Sošić's oyster farming, only one thing is important. Because of the river, the Limski Canal has a lower salt content and a high oxygen concentration, which are ideal conditions for mussel farming. In addition to the ostera edulis, the European oyster, Emil also breeds various other mussels. The Venus clam or Tartufi di Mare deserves special mention. Emil offers them with great pride, knowing full well what excellent quality they have. You're most likely to meet Emil between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., when the daily work is done. Then he likes to take time for his guests and tell them stories. When he opens an oyster, you immediately notice the connection to his product. Every year in November, Emil releases young oysters into diamond cages and harvests them after three years. Each cage has room for around 30-40 mussels. It can happen that a tourist asks for fried oysters and oyster soup and Emil sends them away with his charming manner: "The restaurant is just up there". We can understand that. You just have to be able to get involved and throw old habits overboard. Such quality should be enjoyed raw. Best with a cool sip of local Malvazija wine. This is the best way to enjoy Istria. Read more MASINO Olive Oil Magazine for Istria tips.
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