Istrienreise im November - Teil 1

Istrienreise im November - Teil 1

istrienreise november Our first destination was the hilly north of the Mirna Valley. High up, olive groves of a special kind grow. The Ipša family estate is located in the heart of nature. Once you arrive, you just want to enjoy life there. In late summer temperatures, the olive oils are best tasted outdoors. We already know that leaving will be very difficult.

Istria trip in November - view over the Mirna Valley

motovun november

Not too far away is the historic old town of Motovun. For us, this place has something magical about it, even more so in autumn than in summer. It rises up surrounded by the Mirna Valley and grapevines. Since we are also in the truffle stronghold of Istria, a detour to the famous Konoba Mondo is worthwhile. In addition to Istrian specialties, we recommend fettuccine with white truffle.

Konoba Mondo in Motovun - Istria tour in November

Our route takes us further south. To Fažana, where we set up our quarters. Just as the fishing boats rock quietly in the sea at the harbor, this tourist hotspot is now quiet and tranquil. But one thing can be observed at this time of year. The restaurants that are still open are really among the good ones. In other words, those where locals also like to eat. And we can make two recommendations: the Konoba Stara, right by the harbor, serves down-to-earth, fresh food. The campfire crackles in the evening. Things are a little more refined in the Konoba Feral, which also offers a varied fish menu. You simply can't go wrong here.

Fažana, Istria - Olive oil tour November 2018

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