Olivenöl Genusspaket für Weihnachten

Olivenöl Genusspaket für Weihnachten

olive oil enjoyment package for Christmas

If you are looking for enjoyable gift ideas for your loved ones this winter and are looking for something very special, you will find it here at MASINO olive oil - promised ;-)

Olive oil enjoyment package for the Christmas season

For the Christmas season, we have put together very special enjoyment packages with our best olive oils to make the anticipation of the holiday even more enjoyable:

Olive oil enjoyment package Istria

The Istrian olive oil enjoyment package is a package for connoisseurs and gourmets who place a particularly high value on quality food. Here we have selected two particularly exclusive bottles of olive oil, the world's best olive oil from the Ipsa family and the exclusive Ex Albis olive oil from the Chiavalon brothers. Both olive oils impress with their excellent quality and special taste, which give your dishes that special something.

olivenöl genusspaket weihnachten

Olivenöl Genusspaket Brist

The olive oil Genusspaket Brist contains two special oils that are sure to provide variety. Brist Sta. MARGHERITA is the perfect accompaniment to salads, fish and seafood, grilled vegetables and the classic tomatoes with mozzarella. In the article Olive oil tour near Brist you can read how the olive oil Sta. Margherita got its name. If you prefer it hotter and more intense, Brist INTENSO is the right choice. INTENSO goes perfectly with spicier dishes such as steak, prosciutto, truffles, rocket salad, mature cheese and even dark chocolate ice cream.

Your individual olive oil enjoyment package

Do you prefer a different olive oil that is not included in the two enjoyment packages? We would be happy to put together your individual olive oil enjoyment package. Just write us a message and we will put together your dream gift including a greeting card and delivery. You can also reach us by phone at 0660 480 68 13.
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