Olivenöl Vorbestellung

Olivenöl Vorbestellung

Dear friends of Masino! This is your last chance: you can only get   -15% on your order until Sunday with our discount code: OLIVES2019 !

Olive oil Istria pre-order Serious 2019/2020

We are currently completely sold out, but the new harvest is currently in full swing. We have been in contact with local businesses and farmers over the past few days. Your job right now is to assess the weather correctly and to harvest it quickly - that sounds easier than it is, because the entire harvest is laboriously done by hand. This takes an enormous amount of time, but it is rewarding for the palate, because the manual harvesting does not damage the olives, which means they do not oxidize. This harvest contributes to the high quality of the oils. The olives then go straight to the mills, where they are processed immediately. During this time, they only have a few hours of sleep, but they are working with the utmost dedication to create new, special olive oils.

Olive oil pre-order - 15% discount

You can still pre-order the fresh oils until Sunday, October 27, 2019 as part of our 15% promotion. Simply order in our online shop as usual and from November 13, you can look forward to a package of special specialties! you can only order with -15% until Sunday!


Use the discount code OLIVES2019 in the course of your pre-order on our olive oil online shop and soon enjoy the freshly pressed olive oils from the Istrian farmers at home. Here is a screenshot of how the voucher can be used:
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