Die Olivenölverkostung: Erfolg am Fesch’markt

Die Olivenölverkostung: Erfolg am Fesch’markt

As quickly as it began, it was over again: Normality has returned to the Ottakringer Brewery. The stands of the Fesch’markt have been dismantled, the exhibitors have returned to their studios or shops, and the brewery has temporarily given up its existence as a market hall. Everything is back to normal. And Masino says thank you!

The olive oil tasting - a brief review

If we look back on the weekend, the three days of the Fesch’markt can definitely be considered a success. The atmosphere was incredible. Many visitors came to the brewery over the weekend and were inspired by the various exhibitors. There was plenty to see: people spent some money at one stand and tasted something at another. There was everything from jewelry, art and culinary delights to small cacti. There was a stand waiting in front of the entrance where you could beautify yourself with henna tattoos, flowers bloomed in the market hall and in the evening there was even a fancy cinema. So you definitely didn't get bored. This Fesch’markt even had something special: Sunday was Father's Day. To mark this big day, all fathers were offered a cold beer.

Masino olive oil at the Fesch’markt

As announced, Masino was also represented as one of over 200 exhibitors at the Fesch’markt. Masino olive oil was one of the culinary stands, and so our olive oil was not only available to buy in the online shop this weekend, but was also available for tasting at our stand. Of course, the market visitors did not miss the olive oil tasting, and so today we can proudly report on countless bottles sold and over 400 tastings. In addition to the tasting, our visitors not only got to know the taste of our oil, but also acquired knowledge about quality olive oil. We also showed them what makes the taste of virgin olive oil different from that of a lower quality olive oil.

Raffle for the world's best olive oil

In addition to the sale and tasting of our olive oil, the world's best olive oil was raffled off every day. Three of our visitors can now look forward to having the world's best olive oil at home and will soon be able to enjoy it with grilled steak, vegetables or salad. verlosung olivenoel

Don't worry, nobody will go away empty-handed with us

Compared to the total number of participants, three winners is of course not a lot. That's why we make sure that everyone gets something and nobody goes away empty-handed. We have come up with consolation prizes for all participants so that they too can soon enjoy one of our olive oils at home: We have prepared discount codes for all of our participants, which can be redeemed the next time you buy olive oil in our online shop. This way you not only get the olive oil sent to you at a reduced price, but you can also choose which one suits your taste best.

But how do you get the discount codes?

As you may remember, we asked all participants for their email address in the raffle at Fesch’markt. We have kept these addresses in a safe place to this day, so we can now simply send all participants the discount code by email.

So we want to say thank you again!

We are delighted about an incredible weekend at Fesch’markt, and would like to thank each and every one of our visitors once again. We had three very exhausting, but nevertheless very nice days and are proud of the success of the weekend. And so we are already looking forward to the day when we can say again: Masino is going to be fesch! photos © Maša Stanić
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