Olivenölverkostung auf der Frauenmesse in Schwechat

Olivenölverkostung auf der Frauenmesse in Schwechat

frauenmesse Schwechat

Olive oil tasting for powerful women

Today is a very special day for our Masino olive oil. Why?

We are attending a trade fair for the first time and a very special one at that ;-)  - the women's fair in Schwechat.

The focus on this day is on women and special offers relating to beauty, fashion, health and fitness will be presented. These are the topics that concern us girls every day and ensure our well-being.

Olive oil tasting for powerful women

The preparations for the trade fair were exciting for us, as we put a lot of thought into the design and decoration of the presentation table. Starting with the tablecloth through to the sample bowls and place cards.

Our stars of the day for the olive oil tasting were the varieties:

  1. Olive oil blend from Balija - our olive oil princess manages to create a perfect blend every year
  2. Olive oilLeccino from Al Torcio - goes perfectly with salads and vegetables, mild in taste
  3. Intenso from Brist - intense taste and goes perfectly with steak and pasta dishes
  4. Delicato from Brist - ideal for refining salads and poultry
  5. Frantoio from Agro Millo - the oil from the Frantoio olive variety goes perfectly with light dishes such as fish, vegetables and poultry

Power women about our olive oil

What we are most pleased about is the positive feedback from our Customers.

Our favorite power woman

Wilma only uses high-quality olive oil. "I take a sip of olive oil every morning and I am convinced that it is good for my health! I am even more pleased that I can buy the best olive oil from Masino Olive Oil." - Thank you very much Wilma :-)

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