Unser Olivenöl Tipp zu Ostern - Der Frühling erwacht

Unser Olivenöl Tipp zu Ostern - Der Frühling erwacht

It can no longer be hidden. The sun is already developing its power to drive away the long winter. With the power of nature, the longing for fresh and healthy food is also returning. Just in time for Easter, we are now offering a unique opportunity: Enjoy spring with high-quality olive oil from Chiavalon.

Tedi and Sandi Chiavalon have played a key role in shaping the olive oil history of Istria.

Above all, Sandi, the younger of the two busy brothers, who planted the first trees with his grandfather at the age of 13, became a pioneer in olive oil. Two decades later, the family business can look back on an unprecedented success story. And that is only the beginning, because the brothers still have a lot planned and have already set the course for the future. The credo remains the same:Only the best quality is good enough.

Healthy and tasty olive oil from Istria

The Chiavalon olive oil Ex Albis is a mixture of several indigenous olive varieties, which is intended to ensure the consistent quality of the oil. The influence of seasonal fluctuations is also minimized in this way. The success proves the Chiavalons right, because Ex Albis is awarded year after year as one of the best and highest quality olive oils in the world. Ex Albis is among the best 15 oils in the world. This was announced in Flos Olei. It was again rated 95 out of 100 points in 2018. It can be said without a doubt that these oils have reached the top of the world. The consistently high ratings are the reward for the high quality awareness of the Chiavalon brothers. In addition, the oil is delivered in a unique bottle design designed by the Bruketa & Žinić agency. This extra virgin olive oil in the intense fruity category is made exclusively from local varieties: Buža, Biancera (70%), Leccino (15%), Carbonazza, Moraiolo, Rosinjola (15%). It has an intense and delicate scent of artichokes and dried fruit. It is characterized by herbs such as peppermint, rosemary and sage as well as sweet almonds. It goes perfectly with salads, appetizers such as porcini mushrooms or mollusks, as well as grilled fish, tuna, red and white meat and cheese. Ex Albis can also be served with desserts such as vanilla ice cream or chocolate cake. This way, desserts also become individual dishes with a lasting impression.

Our Easter offer for you:

Chiavalon Ex Albis 0.25 l for €12.90 instead of €14.90 Chiavalon Ex Albis 0.50 l for €22.90 instead of €26.90
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