Agape Hochzeit - Tipps für die perfekte Self-Made-Agape

Agape Hochzeit - Tipps für die perfekte Self-Made-Agape

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Robert and I have started planning our wedding in the last few weeks. In August it will finally happen. I can hardly believe it and am looking forward to the exciting time that lies ahead of us.

Last week we visited our first location and we were immediately blown away: Rothmühle Castle. It dates back to the Baroque period and is already more than 400 years old. The castle has an impressive entrance area and a wonderful, large inner courtyard. I immediately had images in my head of how we would organize our Agape outdoors.

schloss-rothmuehleAgape wedding outdoors

High tables with elegant, white covers, cozy seating areas and a nice little bar with cool drinks and small snacks.

5 tips for the wedding agape outdoors

1. Standing tables

If the wedding is taking place outdoors, it is important that the caterer or location operator organize suitable standing tables for the outdoor area. Expect that 8 to 10 people should be able to fit on each standing table. Remember that your guests need enough space to be able to put down plates, napkins and glasses. In this case, it is better to have one table too many than too few.

2. Drinks

We are always very demanding when it comes to drinks. Firstly, it is important to us that our guests enjoy the drinks and secondly, they must be properly chilled. Nothing is worse than a good Prosecco (we can only warmly recommend our favourite Prosecco from Nani Rizzi) should be served warm. Ice or dry ice are a good option to keep the drinks chilled for longer. Every second petrol station now sells large packs of crushed ice or ice cubes. Dry ice looks great when staged :-) but please be careful here!

What we will definitely have at our Agape are homemade lemonades in beautiful drink dispensers.

3. Snacks

Now let's get to our favorite topic - snacks for the Agape!

There are some great ideas here. From the classics such as bread, wine and salt that are served to the guests, to elaborate finger food snacks.

If you want to offer something special and still save time and money, a combination of olive oil, sea salt, pepper and freshly baked bread is a good option.

When planning the Agape, it quickly became clear to us that we would treat our guests to the special olive oil from Istria.

The perfect snack for the Agape wedding

agape selber machen

We plan to offer a variation of 3 different types of olive oil - from mild to intense. The following oils are suitable for this:

  1. the mild olive oil Leccino from Al Torcio
  2. the very early harvested Mlado olive oil from Chiavalon
  3. and the intensely tasting olive oil Intenso from Brist

With these three varieties we offer our guests a perfect variation of the high-quality olive oils from Istria and give our Agape a special touch.

Of course, the spices (salt and pepper) must also work well with the oil. Here we recommend the Maldon Sea Salt and a Tasmanian pepper. So easy to prepare and tastes simply wonderful.

I am a fan of such simple and small, special snacks for the Agape, because the guests should not be "overfed". In the evening, the wedding table is still waiting for the Guests.

Your wedding agape

We hope you have lots of fun and enjoyment preparing for your wedding. If you would also like to provide your agape with delicious olive oil, you are welcome to browse our online shop. We are also happy to offer olive oil tastings. Simply send a message and we will be happy to get in touch with you.

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