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Al Torcio Leccino

Al Torcio Leccino

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The Al Torcio oil mill stands for an extra virgin olive oil of the absolute top class. The olive oil is produced directly at the property of the Beletic Famlie in Novigrad. The olive groves therefore ripen directly in the sea air. The estate was founded by the unfortunately recently deceased Tranquilino Beletic and will be continued by his wife and the two sons.

Da Landgut has 1,200 own olive trees of the varieties Leccino, Bianchera, Muraiolo as well as various Istrian olive tree varieties. The harvest is carried out exclusively manually. In order to ensure quality, the harvest is processed on the same day in the in-house olive oil mill. Thus, you get an extra virgin olive oil with a very small number of free fatty acids (0.17-0.23% per variety).

Al Torcio receives awards for his oils every year and is a regular guest at the Flos Olei and is also recommended in the German gastronomy magazine "Der Feinschmecker" from Hamburg. This confirms that the Beletic family is one of the most renowned olive growers in Croatia. Al Torcio was awarded a sensational 94 points at the Flos Olei 2019. At one of the most important olive oil competitions in New York (NYIOOC), the varieties Itrana and Frantoio were awarded the gold medal. Rosulja with the silver medal.


Free fatty acids: 0.11% and thus well below the EU-wide limit of 0.8% for extra virgin olive oils. This top value is only due to the manual harvest and the gentle cold pressing.

Peroxide number: 1.9 This provides information about the conservation level of the oil and must not exceed 20 for extra virgin olive oils. Fresh oils always have a value below 10.