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Bio Olivenöl Ipsa Leccino

Bio Olivenöl Ipsa Leccino

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High above the Mirna valley is the village of Ipši with the picturesque olive grove of the Ipša family. They had begun to cultivate old olive groves again in the 1990s. The family has followed the trend and tradition of the village equally. Klaudio Ipša and his family manage 5 hectares of land with 1,000 trees. The olives are picked manually and processed on the same day by dry treatment. For this purpose, a centuries-old stone cellar is available on the estate, but it guarantees state-of-the-art nitrogen technology to guarantee top quality and freshness. As early as 2005, your efforts could bear fruit: your oil was the first Croatian olive oil to be included in the Italian manual (L' extravergine - Guida ai migliori oli del mondo di qualita accertata). This was followed by further recognitions and repeated entries in the L'extravergine. The family's olive oil became number 1 in Istria in Flos Olei 2019 with 97 out of 100 points. And that already in the 3rd. Year in a row. There is no doubt that these oils have reached the top of the world. The oils of this manufactory are qualitatively based on the Italian style, the special emphasis is placed on aromatic and spicy oils that should not be too bitter.

What makes the olive oils from Ipša so special?

The microclimate has a different effect in each region of Istria. The terraces of the Ipša family are located high above the valley, where continental and Mediterranean climate meet with a lot of sunshine. In addition, care is taken to ensure that the olive groves are treated naturally.


Organic certified according to EU specifications: HR-EKO-03

Free fatty acids: 0.23% and thus well below the EU-wide limit of 0.8% for extra virgin olive oils. This top value is only due to the manual harvest and the gentle cold pressing.

Peroxide number: 2.6. This provides information about the conservation level of the oil and must not exceed 20 for extra virgin olive oils. Fresh oils always have a value below 10.