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Brist Sta. Margherita

Brist Sta. Margherita

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The BRIST Olive brand stands for quality from the house of Silvano Puhar and his family. The estate awarded by Flos Olei has around 750 trees of several native varieties in the core region of olive production Vodnjan with its Roman roots. The Puhar family also relies on a gentle harvest by stripping by hand.

GOLD in New York! The best olive oils in the world faced the trendy competition. Brist received Buza Gold for the Exclusive Edition of the variety. You can find out more about this here!


Free fatty acids: 0.09% and thus well below the EU-wide limit of 0.8% for extra virgin olive oils. This top value is only due to the manual harvest and the gentle cold pressing.

Peroxide number: 2.7. This provides information about the level of preservation of the oil and must not exceed 20 for extra virgin olive oils. Fresh oils always have a value below 10.

Fatty acids: 79.5% monounsaturated, 6.1% polyunsaturated and 14.4% saturated fatty acids. It is important that the value of the monounsaturated fatty acids is as high as possible. Average olive oils have according to Stiftung Warentest only 69% of these healthy fatty acids.