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Gourmet-Paket BRIST

Gourmet-Paket BRIST

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The Puhar family stands for the product Brist with its name. The estate from the south of Istria knows how to press an olive oil from local varieties, which stands for the region. It is about using the wealth of the region around Vodnjan and continuing to cultivate ancient varieties.

Delicato is a light and delicate olive oil. It impresses with its lightness, a light to medium bitterness and a mild to medium sharpness in the finish. Delciato is therefore a well-balanced olive oil.

Sta. Margherita is pressed from the Buža variety. The oil has already received several awards, including from Flos Olei for the real taste and fineness of the oil. The Buža variety was awarded in 2013 as one of the best olive oil varieties in the world in the mild-fruity category.

This is joined by Intenso, which combines truly classic varieties. Like no other olive oil, Intenso stands for the philosophy of the Puhar family: exclusively from local varieties with sounding names such as carbonanca or Morasola, an olive oil was created that combines an intense spiciness with a balanced bitterness. The intense spice makes this oil something for lovers. This makes it perfect for all intensive dishes as well as ripe cheeses.

Enjoy a touch of Istria with the gourmet package BRIST, from the lightness of the coastal region to the intensity of the forests and hilly landscapes inland.
It awakens the desire for more.

The package consists of the following items:

1x BRIST Delicato
1x BRIST St. Marghertia
1x BRIST Intenso
available in sizes 3x 0.25 l and 3x 0.5 l