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Meloto Zizolera

Meloto Zizolera

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Olive oil, which is produced by the Belci brothers from Vodnjan, is named after the mother of the father Marussa named Melota. The strength of this oil is a tribute to their endurance. The story of the Belci family follows the story of Boumbari. His story, which dates to the middle of the 16th century. century, was recorded in the church registers of the St. Blasius Church.

Know-how and passion have produced renowned virgin olive oils, together with loyalty and openness, typical of all Belcis. In this place, the olive is a traditional culture, and some of the 3000 trees of the estate are over 400 years old. As early as the 1940s, Grandpa Matteo began to produce oil for the needs of the family or for local sales with the local hydraulic press. His sons Lorenzo and Livio are proud owners of around 8 hectares of olive groves with an annual production of about 1800 kilograms.

The family has dedicated itself to traditional varieties, which produce an exceptionally high quality. Buža as an old autochthonous variety and Istarska bjelica, Rosulja and above all the rediscovered žižolera.

The olive oil of the Belci family is awarded 96 out of 100 points in Flos Olei 2019. The oils of this manufactory are qualitatively based on Italian style, which attach particular importance to aromatic and spicy oils that should not be too bitter.


Free fatty acids: 0.17% and thus 10 times below the EU-wide limit of 0.8% for extra virgin olive oils. This top value is only due to the manual harvest and the gentle cold pressing.

Peroxide number: 3.2. This provides information about the level of preservation of the oil and must not exceed 20 for extra virgin olive oils. Fresh oils always have a value below 10.