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Olivenöl Chiavalon Ex Albis

Olivenöl Chiavalon Ex Albis

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The Chiavalon estate is one of the best in the Vodnjan region and produces a correspondingly extraordinary oil, the Extra Vergine category. It is thanks to Sandi Chiavalon's enthusiasm and passion that Vodnjan has become the home of one of the best olive oils in the world. In the Flos Olei 2019, EX ALBIS repeatedly achieved excellent 95 points. In addition, there was a gold medal for the first time at the renowned New York Olive Oil Fair (NYIOOC) in 2019.

The introduction of early reading and processing on the same day are important quality features. This is based on hand harvest. Only the healthy olive fruit is harvested if a maximum of a third of the fruits have changed color. It only takes 2-3 hours from harvest to pressing. This is an absolute top value that stands for the highest quality.

The Chiavalon estate is already one of the larger estates with 7,500 olive trees on 25 ha. All olive groves are between the villages of Vodnjan, Fažana and Peroj. This area was known in the Roman Empire as the Golden Triangle. At that time, first-class olive oil for the capital Rome was already produced there. From the coast of Fažana you can see the island of Brioni, which is a witness to this time. There are still olive trees that are up to 1,600 years old. The Chiavalon estate carries on this tradition of Ancient Rome and ensures from year to year a high-quality olive oil that is internationally recognized.